Saturday, June 14, 2014

People love fake diplomas for a variety of reasons!

It's often hard for some people to imagine, what anybody would do with a fake diploma. Websites that have been selling them for years like totally understand their popularity! Whether you are a former student looking for a nice personal replacement to a lost or damaged diploma or degree or somebody looking for fool family and friends with a shockingly realistic diploma fake, websites such as Buy a Fake have just what you are looking for.

I remember years back, we had this customer named Tony. You see, Tony had recently landed this really terrific job as a sales rep for a magazine subscription company. I remember when he came to us, because it was just before he started his brand new job. He told me about how all of his new coworkers had their diplomas hung up at their desks. He said that nobody at his new company, not even his boss, was requiring his diploma but he wanted one like everybody else had.

Now, Tony did graduate from high school a few years ago but somehow misplaced his old diploma. He told me that he had tried looking for it around the house and had zero luck. He then called up his old high school, but like many of our customers realized that his high school only prints one diploma per student at the time of graduation. After graduation, if you loose or damage it, that's it. No replacements could be had!

I explained to Tony how could help him out. That was because we offered 100% custom made diplomas that were designed to look and feel like real diplomas from real area high schools. We would take his details such as his name and his dates and then that information to produce a realistic looking diploma fake that he could then use as a personal replacement.

That evening, he placed an order online for a fake high school diploma. I remember our staff getting his order the next day and beginning the production process. They took inside consideration all of his details and began to customize the original diploma template that we had on file for his school.

As Tony requested, we provided him with a free sample to proof our work before it shipped. This gave him the chance to check over everything and make sure the names and dates were great. The designer who was working on his order, told me that Tony mentioned how close the template looked to his actual diploma but that he was eager to get the final product in the mail  to really test our work. We were looking forward to his reaction.

Two days later, because he choose free ground shipping, the brand new fake high school diploma arrived. Tony called me about an hour later to thank the entire staff for putting together what he called a "great looking fake diploma that reminded him so much of his old diploma!".

These days, Tony has his diploma hung upon his office next to everybody else's. He says that the diploma is a symbol of his accomplishments and he's so glad that he was able to use a fake diploma as a replacement high school diploma from us.

If you are looking for a realistic looking fake diploma from a high school in either the Canada or the USA, please check us out on he web at or call 305-892-8886!

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